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1 X 18 Tiger Stakes ASTM for Infla

ASTM Stake for Inflatables – 18 in Steel Stake

Introducing the 1″ x 18″ Tiger Tent Stake

1 X 18 SH Tiger Stake ASTMHogan Tent Stakes is pleased to announce the 1″ x 18″ Tiger Tent Stake with 2″ head. This steel tent stake meets ASTM standards for anchoring small inflatables.

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Tiger Stakes by Hogan

Tiger Stakes By Hogan
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The new 1″ x 18″ ASTM Tiger Stake joins our full line of lower cost steel stakes. Tiger Stakes by Hogan have some great features:

  • Forged Head(s) (never welded)!
  • Heat Drawn point (strong point)
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Larger Head Diameters
  • Less expensive than Premium Hogan Stakes

Special Event Industry Tent Stakes

Our tent stakes are great for the party / special event tent rental industry. Our high quality, steel tent stakes are perfect for insuring the special event tents and party tents are well secured. We also have tent stake accessories such as ratchets, stake bars / plates, tent stake drivers, tent stake pullers, and more.


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