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Rescue Picket System

Rescue Pickets, Picket Anchor Systems

Did you know that Hogan Tent Stakes supplies many search and rescue crews with tent stakes that are used as rescue pickets? A picket is any post, stake, or peg that is used in a fence or barrier, to fasten down a tent or other temporary structure, to anchor rescue equipment, or even be used directly to anchor or stabilize objects during rescue operations.

Click to view these images of double head tent stakes in use as rescue pickets. Our 1″ x 42” or 1″ x 48″ double head tent stakes make very good pickets.

Photos courtesy of Chris Mills at Fire Rescue Equipment NW, LLC.

To see how the a picket anchor system might be useful tools for rescue, check out the video below.  Tony Neely with Peoria Fire goes over setup of a 1-1-1 picket anchor system with 1 inch webbing tie backs.

In addition to using tent stakes to make a picket anchor system, our tent stakes have been used to anchor TeleCrib® struts and the Shark™ Collapsible Step Chock from Rescue42.

Rescue 42 TeleCrib® struts
Rescue 42 TeleCrib® struts in action
The Shark™ Collapsible Step Chock
The Shark™ Collapsible Step Chock

At Hogan Tent Stakes, we appreciate all the police, firemen, park rangers, first responders, National Guard, Military and all others who provide search and rescue operations. Thank you for your service.

You might want single head tent stakes, double head tent stakes, rebar or smooth steel tent stakes and various lengths from 18″ to 48″ for your steel rescue pickets. We’ve been told by search and rescue professionals that 48 inches is the preferred length for a rescue picket. Browse our online catalog to view all the various options. And if you can’t find exactly what you need, contact us. We can make rescue pickets to your specifications.

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